About us

What gets measured gets managed!

Reach Your Genetic Potential™ is a holistic solution to enable you to Reach out for your Genetic Potential.

This continuous learning programme helps to educate and assist you to truly encompass an all round approach to health.

What do we mean by an All Round approach to Health?



Your body should be fit, strong, flexible and fluid. There should be a combination of all these facets, along side a solid well-developed nutrition lifestyle. Your body should thrive off wholesome, home grown and organic foods whenever possible.


What is a strong body without a strong healthy mind? We so often ignore it and it is so important. We need to train our minds just as hard as we need to train our bodies. This includes things like meditation, Positive affirmations and generally rewiring the way we think to give us peace of mind, combined with clear, decisive and effective thinking

Responsibly and Ethically

Part and Parcel of living a happy, holistic and fulfilled life is to do so by ensuring you live sustainably and ethically, to be aware of your external environment and realize that the small choices we make, have a direct affect on the world, and our environment. We have a collective duty to take due care of this responsibility we have been given. Our ECO and Organic Living Programs aim to educate and assist our clients to become mindful and aware of how easy it is to truly implement a responsible and ethical lifestyle

Reach Your Genetic Potential™ provides you a baseline and a starting point to measure and track your improvements, as well as specialized programs developed by our team of experts, this combined with Evidence based athletic assessments including meal plans, high tech anthropometric and metabolic testing which assists you to educate and provides guidance so as to gain a truly balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.