Online Specialised Programs

  • 8 Weeks
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced if applicable.
  • 2/3 days per week depending on programme requirements
  • All programs are released on Mondays and Thursday Mornings so athletes have ample, and the CORRECT time to complete them throughout the week.



When we talk about meal design we are talking about the latest trends on how to assist you to live a healthy lifestyle and compliment the training programme you are following at Reach Your Genetic Potential. Our meal designs are designed around your taste preferences, inbody stats and fitness goals. They include recipe ideas, meal prep techniques and individual lifestyle management to effectively and consistently implement these meal designs and delicious healthy recipes. Our meal and recipes are based on emerging thinking and practice as documented in the articles


Gymnastics Programme 

Brendon Lewis
Box Owner & Head coach CrossFit Shen Li, CrossFit Gymnastics, CFL1,

Strength Programme 

Joshua Capazorio
ETA, GFM, SFG1, SFG2, Meta Coaching 1 and 2, ASA Level 1

Preggy Programme 

Pre and Post Partum
Diane Hope.
CFL1, Athlete, Trainer, Mom of 3 beautiful girls.

Yoga and Meditation Programme

Tawana Randall
300hr Level 2. Hatha, Yoga Alliance International

Running Programme

Vicky Cotter
BSC Sports Psych.  PT Elite Sponsored Athlete

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